Selling fireworks is a profitable and exciting business. You can make it as small as one tent or stand during the summer 4th of July season or year round with multiple locations. Whether you are looking to start a retail empire or just looking for extra income – selling fireworks is a great choice.

Here are a few tips for getting started:

  • What types of fireworks should I sell? The types of fireworks you can sell will be determined by state and local laws in your area. Our staff can help you determine which fireworks are legal to sell based on your location.
  • Does brand matter? Yes both brand and selection are very important. We sell 4 brands that are all premium full product lines. This will give you flexibility and more selection than buying from another distributor where you are limited to only one brand.
  • Location? Always important – finding a location with lots of traffic and street exposure is always helpful in driving customers to your fireworks store. Our sales staff has years of experience in this area and can help advise you on choosing the location(s) that will best drive traffic to your store.

Our experienced sales team can help answer your questions and get your new venture off the ground.