How do I place an order?

Our preferred method is to place an order online. You must have set up an account with us and we will provide you with your account number that is used to set up your online account.  We also accept orders via email and phone. This ensures accuracy and is more time efficient due to the volume of orders that we handle during the normal season.

Where can I find more information about your products?

Contact us via phone, fax, or email to obtain a copy of our current catalog and price list.

Why aren't there any prices listed for your products?

Our price levels are set according to the volume of your order. Contact us for a current price list.

When is the best time to place my order for the 4th of July season?

The earlier you place your order, the better it is to ensure delivery of your order. We actually suggest placing two orders, one in the early spring (around March 15 - April 1) and another in early summer (around May 1-15) this way you are ensured the greatest likelihood that items will be available. This is due to some items arriving very early and selling out quickly, to other items arriving in later container shipments.

What is your wholesale minimum order amount?

The wholesale minimum order amount is $5,000, Contact us for complete details.

What are your shipping policies?

All freight is shipped via common carrier FOB Joplin, MO 64804 or FOB Silsbee, TX 77656. Please refer to SHIPPING section for more information.

What will it cost to ship my order?

ALL freight cost is based upon the total weight of the order. Therefore, until your complete order is pulled and a weight is obtained, we have no way to receive a shipping cost from any of the trucking companies.

What do the case pack numbers mean?

For example, firecrackers that are packed 32/40/12 means the following: 12 firecrackers in one string; 40 packages of 12 on a string in a brick; 32 bricks of 40 packages of 12 on a string in a case.

Few more examples: Rockets packaged 36/12 means that there are 12 rockets in an individual package; 36 packages of 12 in a case. If 200 gram multi-shots are packaged 12/1, then each is an individual unit and there are 12 in a case. A reloadable item with a packing of 6/24 means there are 24 shells in one individual pack, 6 packages in a case. If the packing was 2/60, then there are 60 shells in one individual pack, with 2 packages making a case.

I'm not sure what is legally available for sale in my state, can you help?

To the extent possible, we have supplied the following information, however, it is impossible for us to obtain the necessary knowledge of all state, county, and local ordinances in each state, so please do not rely totally on this information. Instead, it is highly recommended to contact your State Fire Marshall's office and Local Fire Marshall for current regulations pertaining to your specific area.