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March 5, 2021


RE: 2021 Red Rhino Demos are on!

Our 2021 demos are scheduled to go on!  We have made some slight modifications to our demos for 2021.  Locations are set for sure.  Food service options are planned but we must remain flexible if any COVID issues resurface.  Let’s hope that DOESN’T happen – we are SOOOOO OVER COVID!!!!

The itinerary is posted above for the Joplin, MO demo on the 24th. It contains important information so be sure to review it.  Aside from those details, here are some important highlights I would like to let you know about.

April 24th Joplin demo highlights: You will notice that in Joplin we are condensing the event to one day.  Friday we will be setting everything up at the Museum Complex so there will be limited availability at the warehouse for pickups that day.  For those coming to town that night we will have an informal gathering at the host hotel to welcome customers and see familiar faces as well as new ones.  Saturday and Sunday will be pick-up days for customer orders at the warehouse.  On Saturday we are requiring that all orders to be picked up that day, must be placed the week before.  This way we will have time to get everything pulled and organized.  We anticipate a large number of pickup orders to get through on Saturday and Sunday so we need your help in getting the orders to us ahead of time.  That way we can be ready and makes things run smoothly and conveniently for all of us.  It will also allow us to process new orders on Sunday.

This year Visit Joplin, MO and the city of Joplin are rolling out the red carpet.  All Saturday activities will be held at the Joplin History and Mining Museum complex in Schifferdecker Park.  So while you are looking at all of our great fireworks in the showroom we will have set up on site, you can also enjoy what the Museum has to offer.  Joplin was at the heart of the Tri-State mining district from the 1870s through the 1960s so there is lot to see here.  We fireworks people know a thing or two about metals and chemicals, after all, they’re what make our fireworks so beautiful!  The museum complex is a straight line 8-mile drive from our warehouse, so it is very convenient.  After the demo we will have a social gathering back at the La Quinta Inn as we have done in years past.

We are excited to once again have our demo and although it will be a bit different than what we have held in the past, we believe the most important part is being able to see our customers in person. We enjoy meeting with our customers and hosting these events is an expression of our gratitude for all of their patronage and the valued relationships they have with us here at Red Rhino Fireworks.

On behalf of all of us, I look forward to seeing you all and hope you are doing well this year.



Stephen W. Houser