• Posted on: 23 December 2019
  • By: admin

A holiday message from Red Rhino President, Steve Houser: 


As we prepare for the day celebrating the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ I wish to pause and reflect on the most valuable and precious things in our lives.  


For our family and those we hold most dear, I wish happiness, love and joy combined with the comfort and caring that comes with this most wonderful time of year.


For the Unites States of America which provides us freedoms like no other country in the world.  May it continue to be the greatest bastion of individual freedom on earth and may it always be led by people that value freedom over tyranny.


For our faith, may it guide us to be gracious and fair and to look out for our fellow man, observing the golden rule in all we do.


For the relationships we develop with those in our daily lives, business and personal, may we cherish them and work to care for and nurture them.


There is so much I am already thankful for at a time of year where gift giving becomes such a focus.  I look back on the gifts I receive everyday in my life and I realize there is nothing I could truly want more than for all of you to be safe, happy and prosperous in your lives.  That is my Christmas wish.


May you all feel as blessed as I do for knowing you and having you as a part of my life.


God Bless you and may you and yours all have a Very Merry Christmas.



Stephen W. Houser