• Posted on: 20 February 2017
  • By: admin

Yo Vito! is a new 16 shot, 200g cake packed 16/1.  It has a duration of 21 seconds, loud breaks, and brocade mines with each shot that is different then the previous above. 

Powerful cake with brocade mines on every shot going up to rotating top effects of 1) Brocade with white glitter; 2) Purple with blue; 3) Red with green and sky blue; 4) Silver crackling chrysanthemum then all wrapped up with a finale of all effects 1-4 firing up together.

The video was filmed in China last Fall.  The HD product video will be available in April.  

Yo Vito! - New For 2017 Teaser - 200g Cake from Red Rhino Fireworks on Vimeo.