• Posted on: 28 May 2019
  • By: admin

Red Rhino Fireworks is introducing a WHOPPING thirty-seven new products this year! From 500-gram cakes to small novelties, there’s something here for everyone to enjoy! Be sure to click the links below to view the products in action!

500 Gram cakes

The largest selection of new products, here’s a list of all thirteen new 500-gram cakes! With giant colorful bursts, you will want to see them all!

Doomsday Machine

Big nine shot finale cake with thunderous breaks and bright colors!

Warrior’s Realm

Colorful nine shot cake with many different effects!

Aerial Attack

Red and blue with silver fish; Yellow and blue with silver fish; Green and blue with silver fish; Purple and blue with silver fish.

Golden Girl

180 Shots of golden waterfall comets accented with varied color tips of red and green create a wall of gold in the night sky.

Brute Force

Red, white, gold and green! This seven-shot cake brings a brocade effect with glitter and pistils!


A colorful twenty-eight shot cake starts with a star mine and through many different effects makes its way towards a golden chrysanthemum finish!


These forty-five red, gold and blue shots will prove why power is in the name!

Just Light It

Nineteen colorful shots later, you will want to light another!

Pyro Gal

Steadily firing crackling chrysanthemum mines to high intensity strobe crackle bursts with a two shot finale.

American Made

A colorful nine shot 500-gram cake, American Made will make the show!

F1 Outlaw

Red, blue and yellow, F1 Outlaw goes fast but you will remember all nine shots!

Pullin G’s

A 500-gram cake with nine shots with colors like red, blue, green and gold! You will want to see this one more than once!


Slingshot your way to the finish line! A nine shot 500 gram cake with red, silver and green effects.


Hybrid Multi-shots

Sure to compete with all the other fireworks available, these Hybrid Multi-shots will be the talk of the town!

Shadow Hunter

A colorful fifteen shot experience! Shadow Hunter brings amazing effects like brocades, glitter, crossette and chrysanthemums!

Show of Force

Thirteen shots in this cake, it truly is a Show of Force!


200 Gram Multi-shots                                                                                   

You’ll want to check out these 200-gram multi shots ASAP! These fireworks are sure to steal the show!

Blown Away

If any firework will do it, this is the one to completely blow. You. Away!

Dang It, Carl!

A 200-gram cake with twenty-eight red, white, blue and gold shots! Hopefully no one named Carl is at your celebration!

For Our Flag

Twelve rotating shots and a four-shot finale! This is not one to miss!


Four different effects and sixteen shots! Goddess will light up the sky with reds, blues, greens and more!

Mondays Suck

Monday’s may suck, but Mondays Suck will not! Twelve colorful rotating shots with a four shot, four effect finale! This one will not suck.

Painted Lady

Twenty-four shot, 200-gram cake. Four different effects with four different colors! You won’t want to miss out on this one!

Urban Jedi

Sixteen shots with a four-shot finale of blue mine to golden willow, and a blue mine to brocade crown!



These fountains are long lasting, and exciting to watch! Sure, big stuff in the sky is cool, but on the ground it’s even cooler – am I right?

Cry Wolf

Long lasting display! Cry wolf has six different colors and three different effects!

Holiday Road

Fifty-six second duration, green, red, white and blue fan effects, you will want this one!

Love of Fireworks

If you love fireworks you have to get this one, it’s in the name!

Open Mic Night

Try your hand at Open Mic Night! Purple, green and red, these colors are a great combination for a beautiful fountain!

Party Candles

Six different party candles, all a different color than the last! From Chrysanthemums to lemon flowers, these put the “party” in the holiday!

Tank Round

Red, silver, yellow and green, Tank Round features effects like crackle and chrysanthemum.

Neon Beast

A 500-gram fountain, Neon Beast has many colors and effects everyone will love.

Viking Queen

Long lasting and colorful, Viking Queen is one of the LARGEST of the new fountains.



These novelties are fun for the whole family! They are perfect for daytime use and are sure to put a smile on any youngster’s face! 

Buggy Bumpers

Stylish new novelty pack of four brightly colored little cars in a tray box are sure to garner the little ones' fancy.

Hot Rods

Molded plastic cars placed in a two pack that move forward and backwards with color, crackle and glitter with a spinner on top.

Patton’s Pride

Molded plastic tank that moves forward with color and crackle and shoots color and crackle with a pop bang.

Sky Smoke

Spins seventy feet into the air with red or blue smoke tailing. Package contains two red smoke and two blue smoke.

Magic Wands

Five pack of new fountain sparklers last nearly two minutes and are shaped like a “Magic Wand”. Mixed colors of red, green, blue, gold and silver let the user cast up a variety of fun filled spells.

Silver Sticks

Great new fountain sparkler emits cool sparks for added safety. These burn in a bright silver and last over ninety seconds - super cool!

Straight Shooter

An additional twist on our new cold burning fountain sparklers. They come with a pistol shaped handle for added fun. They burn in bright silver and last nearly two minutes. Who says only the Lone Ranger has silver bullets?


If you’d like to see all the products available this year, you can find the full 2019 catalog here.