• Posted on: 2 June 2016
  • By: Anonymous (not verified)

Red Rhino Fireworks announces the details of their

2016 “America, Heck Yeah!!” Fireworks Demo.

It’s time once again for the annual fireworks event you don’t want to miss and this year we are celebrating the greatest country on earth – AMERICA!  In an election year where so many freedoms hang in the balance we are going to do our part to scream patriotism and the glory and wonder that is this great America.  So let’s be proud to be American and let’s all join together and enjoy the freedom’s we’ve been blessed with, after all, this is the AMERICA, Heck Yeah, Fireworks Extravaganza!

This year our dates are as follows:

    Silsbee, TX – April 9
    Joplin, MO - April 29-30.

Demos will be shot on Saturday the 9th in Silsbee and on both Friday the 29th and Saturday the 30th in Joplin.  We will provide dinners on the Saturday nights for our reserved and registered guests.  .

Be sure to bring your lawn chairs.  Since the shoot sites are separate from the dinner and showroom areas we will not be able to move those chairs to the shoot site – this is similar to what we had last year.  Since most everyone already does this we hope it will not be an inconvenience.

Silsbee, TX details:
The Silsbee demo will be held both at the Silsbee warehouse facility and the ballparks located just behind our property.  We will be able to park at the Silsbee facility or across the street in a paved lot.  The evening demo of fireworks will be held at the Silsbee ballfields located just behind our warehouse – a very short walk from the facility.

The event will begin at 10am that Saturday morning, with the staff arriving and the registration opening but feel free to arrive at any time, as your schedule allows.  The showroom will be open so you can check out all the new product and our cash and carry garage sale will begin in the warehouse at 12:00pm.  Garage sale items must be paid for at the event and must be picked up or shipped by the end of the following week.

We will hold an afternoon breakout session at 3pm on the property addressing some new selling seasons in Texas as well as other items of interest.
Our caterer will begin grilling around noon and be there all day cooking and serving up fresh eats that will be ready whenever you choose to dine.  We will also have a live band performing.

The demo will begin around dusk at the ballpark just behind our property so getting there will be easy and convenient.

A cookout, a band, fireworks and a baseball field – now that’s American!

The Silsbee warehouse will be open Sunday all day for load out and order pickup, including all Garage Sale items.

Joplin, MO details:
We will be holding the entire event at the Downstream Casino and Resort.  We have a convention hall and break out rooms and will have the assistance of their staff in maintaining the facilities.  The shoots will be held there as well.  Once you come you’ll only have to leave to pick up orders at our warehouse.

This year the warehouse and offices will be open and staffed from 12pm-4pm Friday, 9am-4pm Saturday and Sunday 9am to 5pm to facilitate order fulfillment and give our customers the ability to pick up their auction items and other orders while they are in town for the demo.

On Friday, arrival day, you can check in to the hotel and then go to the Deer Room (the same place the showroom was in 2015) where we will have the showroom setup Early.  You will be able to browse the products and take a look at all of the new items for 2016.  You will also be able to check in and receive demo shoot sheets for the demo nights and other information for the demo event weekend.

The first demo will begin at dusk that evening.

On Saturday, the convention hall and showroom will open at 9am.  The Auction will begin at 11:00am on Saturday and will conclude that early afternoon.  All auction items will be cash and carry, so if you plan on taking advantage of the auction, then bring the truck and trailer to haul it home.  With the convenience of a fully functioning warehouse during the entire weekend we will be able to conveniently pull and load your items which insures their delivery to you immediately.

After the auction, we will have our breakout sessions.  Also, this year, we will have a credit desk where you can go to insure that all the paperwork necessary to purchase on credit can be completed.  We will also be going over insurance certificates as well as regional state licenses.  We want to get these things wrapped up early so that when the “Season” hits, both our customer’s and us know that the forms are in place to ensure the process goes as smooth as possible.

That evening the Downstream will serve us a plated dinner – just like in 2015.  Enjoy the hospitality of sitting at a table and letting the Downstream staff serve you.
Saturday’s demo will begin at dusk and we will close the night with our signature 1.4G Display show, which consists solely of product that we carry for sale to you.  This is the finale that people love to be at!
Sunday will be the final load out day and our full team will be at the warehouse and offices that day to wrap up any orders and get any remaining auction items delivered.

This is a great event and with attendance breaking records each year, it has really turned out to be the go to event in fireworks.  We love playing host and we work very hard to make sure no one leaves without great memories, great times and great fireworks resources for their upcoming season.

You can register online, here at our website, or by calling the offices toll free at 800-813-6777 for the Silsbee demo or 866-457-4466 for the Joplin demo.  We ask that you let us know:  1) which day(s) you will be attending and 2) how many children and adults for each day so that we can be sure to have adequate food for the Saturday dinners.  Since registration for the demo will also be tied to the auction, we will need the names of each adult that will be participating in the auction so they will get a bid number assigned.  Failure to provide their name will mean they can’t participate in the auction.

Downstream Casino and Resort Room Block Reservations:
Call 918-919-6000 and Press 1.  Once you get to the hotel reservation group tell them you are booking under the Red Rhino Fireworks block to get a preferred rate.  Rooms are $104/night on Friday and Saturday and $79 any other night.

This is a great fireworks and business event so be sure to let us know and mark your calendar.  Come on by and enjoy the 2016 Red Rhino Fireworks America, Heck Yeah, Demo!  God Bless America!

Your Red Rhino Team