Pyro World


Zig Zag  volleys of Red comet mines up to 1) brocade, red glitter and 2) purple, lemon and blue; 3) Fan volley of red comet mines up to red and blue stars with golden glitter;  Rotating shots of 4) red, blue with white glitter; 5) Red, blue with green glitter; 6) Purple with blue with golden glitter; 7) Red, skyblue,lemon with white glitter; 8) Silver tourbillion to purple, green peony; Zig Zag volleys of red comet mines up to 9) Red, blue, green with golden glitter and 10) Purple, green and blue; Capped with a Finale barrage of 11) Silver tourbillion to golden wave and red stars with crackling.

Shots: 50
Duration: 1 minute and 18 seconds
Case pack: 4/1
Dimensions: 16 3/4" x 9 4/5" x 6"
16 3/4" x 9 4/5" x 6"