• Posted on: 4 October 2018
  • By: admin

In celebration of Halloween, we thought we would crossover to the dark side and highlight some spooky-labeled Red Rhino cakes & fountains. Let’s face it – creepy creatures, wicked vixens and scary beasts are attention-grabbing and intriguing. Pair an eye-catching label with superior quality and you have a product that’s easy to sell and will keep your customers coming back for more. Check out our TOP 5 “SPOOKY” FIREWORKS.

1. From the Deep: This 200 gram cake features silver-spinning fish that are sure to grab your neighbor’s attention.

From the Deep

2. Twilight Fright: If you are looking for a long-lasting fountain with a variety of effects and a BIG finish, look no further than Twilight Fright – a 500 gram BEAST from Red Rhino.


3. Midnight Vixen: This “vixen” lights up the night with a variety of effects and BRIGHT colors.


4. Widow's Kiss: You will be mesmerized by this INTENSE 500 gram cake. The monster red and green aerials light up the sky.

5. Dragon Lady: This 12 shot cake features glitter and strobe effects – you’ll love Red Rhino’s Dragon Lady.


Craving more? Check out Red Rhino’s Wholesale Catalog to view our full list of products. Find us on YOUTUBE and FACEBOOK.