• Posted on: 24 April 2018
  • By: admin

Due to the Chinese factories being closed for an extended time period following Chinese New Year for political reasons in Beijing the Chinese production fell far behind schedule this year.  As a result there will be a number of late arriving containers across the fireworks industry this season and this will create a serious time constraint in terms of distribution, so we all need to change our normal procedures a bit.

Once our warehouse has a 70% or better fill rate on your order we urge you to work with us on getting that portion shipped or picked up now.  We will be contacting you to begin this process as we can tell what all the fill rates are just by looking up your order here.  Then, once we have the additional items in stock, you can arrange for the pick up or shipping of those items to you at that time. 

When those late China shipments arrive our team will assemble orders and ship them out as quickly as possible, but because we are cutting it close this year we want to get the fireworks that are already here out to our customers now.  We can’t delay all of work until the last minute.  The smaller the quantities we need to ship at the last minute, the better, that way the work can be completed in the limited time we will have.  By doing it this way, we have the best chance of ensuring that EVERY customer gets their TOTAL order ON TIME, while still giving our customers time to get it ready to sell.

Call 866-457-4466 in Joplin or 800-813-6777 in Silsbee for questions and to begin arranging the shipping or pick up of your in-stock items now.